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Ways to BuyWe'll do everything we can to make your move simple.

Over the years we’ve got to know the kind of support our customers need to make the whole house-buying process as quick and easy as possible. Whether you’d like to talk to someone about the Help to Buy scheme or learn more about part‐exchange and early exchange discounts, we can help.

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Help to Buy

If you’re looking to buy a William Davis home but are struggling to build up your deposit, Help to Buy could make buying your new home more accessible. Through the Help to Buy scheme you can get an equity loan from the government of up to 20% of the purchase price, so you could pay as little as 5% for a deposit. To find out more about the scheme, visit the official website or contact our sales consultants. Help to Buy is available subject to eligibility, terms and conditions.

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Early Exchange Discount

Untroubled by incomplete house buying chains, or don’t have a current home to sell? You might be eligible for an early exchange discount. An early exchange discount allows you a discount on the purchase price of your new home if you’re able to exchange contracts within 28 days. It’s worth noting, however, that this offer can’t be used in conjunction with any of our other buying options. Get the details and find out if you’re eligible by talking to one of our sales consultants.

Assisted Move

Rather than needing to find your own estate agent, we can cover the associated costs of selling your home by providing the services of our own preferred agent. This means we can ensure your current home is sold as quickly as possible and help to bring your William Davis moving date closer.

Part Exchange

The part exchange option is just what you might expect; it lets you trade in your current house to part pay for your William Davis home. Part exchange is only available on some selected plots. If you’d like to know whether this could be an option for you, contact one of our sales consultants for more information.

Chain Breaker

When buying a home you become a link in a long chain of house sales. If in that chain someone’s sale collapses, you could be left waiting to move forward. So, to help set things back in motion we might be able to take over the sale of that property ourselves. That way we can break the chain and you’ll be able to properly secure your William Davis home.

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All of our buying options are case dependent, so if you’re considering a William Davis home we’d love to talk about which might apply to you. We could even work out a personalised scheme to suit your needs.

Call us to chat, or arrange a viewing to talk through it all face to face with one of our expert sales consultants.

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