Looking after the environment is at the heart of everything we do and every beautiful new home and development we build. These values are part of who we are and our ways of working, which you can see expressed in many different ways. As an ethical business we value integrity, safety and respect and we bring these values amongst others into our environmental practices.

Attractive outdoor spaces

We always maximise public open space around our developments to create attractive semi-rural settings for our homeowners to enjoy right outside their front door. They include features such as balancing lakes, community orchards, fitness stations and children's play areas.


We also offset some of the environmental impact of our building work by planting biodivsersity parks, trees and ponds around our developments to attract wildlife and allow it to thrive. In the last year alone, we have planted more than 700 trees and 2000m of hedgerow, expanding the natural habitat for many birds and wildlife. We have also started installing bat and bird boxes on our new sites as well as specially designed new barn owl houses.

Energy efficiency

All our homes are designed with energy efficiency in mind. It means they come fitted with energy efficient boilers, a state-of-the-art HIVE smart system, and improved levels of fabric thermal efficiency including walls, glazing, floors and roofs. We're also one of the first housing developers to install eco car charging points at some of our newer developments to support the uptake of electric vehicles and make things practical and convenient for our homeowners.


We use designs and materials sympathetic to the local area to help create developments that blend perfectly with the local community. This includes interesting street scenes and specially commissioned artwork, as well as features such as rendering, tile hanging, stone corbelling, slate roofing, dormers, bay frontages, and a mix of buff and red bricks.


We understand that building new developments and creating new communities will impact the local transport network, so we take every opportunity to invest in the local area. Over the years that's included everything from building a new roundabout and link road to improve connectivity within the village to creating miles of cycle trails and off-road footpaths.

Employment & skills

Sustainable crafts, skills and trades are a key focus for us as a company, as is nurturing young talent so there's a constant pipeline of skilled bricklayers, plumbers and electricians to build tomorrow's new homes. That's why we work closely with councils, the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB), employment organisations, schools, colleges, sub-contractors and suppliers to engage young people and the local community during construction.

Locally sourced materials

By sourcing materials and labour locally, we invest in and support local business whilst reducing our carbon footprint. 68% of materials along with 53% of subcontractors, with a total of 87% coming from the East Midlands area. We network and engage with other local industries, partnering with Leicester-based SGP Architects for 25 years who have been designing sites and house types.

Water, waste and re-cycling

Every development we build includes a site waste management plan so we know the amount and type of waste that will be produced and how we can reuse, recycle or dispose of it. We also work with local suppliers to recycle more waste products and provide low pressure water use equipment including toilets, taps and showers to save on water. Adequate water attenuation and sustainable urban drainage to reduce the risk of downstream flooding is carefully considered at the design state.

If you have any questions or would like to register your interest in a development or home, please fill in the details on our enquiry form