A special thank you from William Davis Homes.

Refer a friend.

At William Davis we do all we can to get every little detail just right, from your carefully landscaped garden to the tiles we use in your kitchen. But while we might have built your house, it’s you and your family that have made it a home and continue to make our developments such a wonderful, thriving community.

As we work on exciting new phases for our developments, that community is growing bigger – and we’d like your help to make it even better.

So, if you know someone who might be interested in a William Davis home, ask one of our sales consultants in the on-site office and fill out the details of one of the recommendation slips.

And, if they decide to become one of your new neighbours, we’ll send you both a big thank you: £500 each to spend on anything you like.

Speak to our sales consultants for more information or to find out about the full terms and conditions.

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