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The best of both worlds

Nestled on the edge of Loughborough and overlooking Charnwood Forest, Grange Park offers a harmonious balance between town and country living. It’s just two miles from town yet surrounded by beautiful, open spaces, meaning you can easily dip in and out of the hustle and bustle.


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4 Bed
The Solent

The Solent

4 Bed House

From £312,000

The Beamish

The Beamish

4 Bed House

From £359,000

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Local Amenities

With Loughborough town centre and the local village of Quorn nearby, you won’t need to go far to keep the whole family busy. From great schools and entertainment facilities to the refreshing quiet of country parks, you can read more about the local amenities here.

“After years living in the town centre, moving to Grange Park was a welcome breath of fresh air.”